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if you only teach kids
one thing about money,
teach them how to
decide if a want is
really worth working for

“Psychologically, I think the kids love it because it gives them what feels like power and control. Now instead of us nagging them to pick up their room, they're nagging us to approve their chores!”
—Kelly, mom of 3 and one crazy dog

“My third graders enjoyed using the Quest app more than I would have imagined! It added a deep level of learning to our service/economics project, helping the children understand the importance of a variety of concepts, including saving their money for desired items and spending carefully.  They took their job duties very seriously and made connections to the real world at every step.”
—Molly H., 3rd grade teacher

“My kids actually made their beds when I was out of town last week for two days, and their dad didn't even have to ask! When I first heard about the app, I thought, "yeah, ok, that's nice", but now I'm like, "Wow, this is awesome!"
—Ali, mom of 2

“The Quest to Clean Up curriculum provided valuable financial management information and increased our students' ability to work together, hold one another accountable, produce an original product/idea. Students were truly challenged and engaged-the perfect combination for real world experiences which will help them succeed post graduation.”

—Tierra B, High School Administrator.

“The BEST part of the app is that it makes making my bed cool!”
—Kyle, 8

“I keep bugging my dad to get it set up because I want ways to earn money!”
—Katie, 12

“I like that I can see my money in spending and savings and know how much I have!”
—Jack, 10

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“As a fourth grade teacher, I found Quest to Clean Up beneficial in many ways.  Originally, my best hope was for my students to take more ownership over their classroom jobs.  I had assigned jobs in the past, but had to give a lot of reminders and follow up to make sure there was follow through and those jobs were done.  I thought implementing the app would hold each of my students more accountable.  However, after working through multiple weeks of using the app in my class, I found so many more benefits than I could have anticipated.  From filling out job applications and having students acknowledge their strengths (which is hard for some), to the discussion as to what students decided to do with their earnings, Quest to Clean Up taught my class more than I could have imagined.  I am thankful for the support to manage the parts and pieces, as well as the support from parents donating items to our store so children were motivated to shop.  It was a great community building activity, and the experience addressed multiple standards from the fourth grade curriculum.”
—Kari R., 4th grade teacher

“My boys actually race to get their chores done now. I don't have to fight them every day to do the stuff they need to do. That's a switch! Is it wrong that I've actually considered using this for grandma that just moved in with us?!"
—Megan, mom of 2, caretaker of many