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Kids (or parents) can create wish lists of items, experiences and goals that they want to work for. The beauty is that the wish list translates the price of a wanted item into the number of tasks needed in order to afford the wish. That way, they can decide if they really want the item and are willing to work for and save for it, and thus help instill the discipline of delaying gratification and passing up unworthy wants. You can also use the wish list to create custom goals that encourage savings, like: save $100 to deposit in the bank; save money for a class trip; or even save to donate to a favorite charity or organization — the lessons you can help provide do not have to be just about “stuff”.

Show kids these quick videos by clicking on the images below to see if you can inspire them to start “cleaning up”

Whether or not you decide to pay for tasks around the house or not is up to you, but experts agree that giving children responsibilities with money promotes early learning of the value of a dollar and help kids understand that money has to be earned to be spent. We suggest paying for tasks that are “above and beyond” what is already expected of your child. For example, while you expect that your child will pick up their toys and keep their room tidy, you may pay them to take out the trash, feed pets, rake leaves and sweep or vacuum. Every family is different, which is why we made the app customizable for your needs.

You can select tasks from our suggested age-appropriate chores, or create custom tasks that are relevant to your family or individual children. The list also acts as a great extra reminder for daily tasks that are unpaid, like completing homework, brushing teeth and getting dressed. We’ve had feedback from parents who also use the app to help manage the daily tasks for kids who have special needs as a reminder and offer encouragement for tasks like eat their whole lunch, participate in class without disruption and complete daily exercises.

Once a week (or more often, if you prefer), you can login as a parent and approve, deny or partially pay tasks of each child. The reason we want parental approval is so that your children actually only earn rewards for the tasks they completed and completed to your standards. We want them to understand that doing a job is worth doing well, or not going to reap rewards. By approving (or partially paying) a task, you are depositing the wage into their virtual spending account. You can then decide with your child how much should be moved into savings and or the giving account, and do so on the parental money accounts screen by tapping the spending account icon and then using the slider bars to move the agreed amount into the spending account.

We continue to improve the app and add and features based on user wants, so please feel free to reach out to us at for suggestions to make the app better or for features that would provide more value to you and your family.