Valuable lessons in self restraint or abundance are had along with the experience of emotions in a short 4-6 week study, to gain lessons that will hopefully last a lifetime.

“The experience was very competitive, but I loved it. Also, it was fun developing the product and working with my group. I loved it all.” —Montez, 11th grade

Intro to Entrepreneurship

“I feel like this experience helped me with my communication. This experience was really good simulating real life and teaching each other how to work together”

—Chyenne, 11th grade

Intro to Entrepreneurship

“My experience was good because I really learned a lot in this class that's useful in everyday life. I learned about insurances and how to make a product and present it.”

—La'Voun, 11th grade

Intro to Entrepreneurship

““It is fun pretending to be an adult and get paid.”

—Cameron, 4th grade

Intro to Philanthropy

what students are saying about the programs

All of our lessons teach personal finance lessons, support the standards for English language arts, and apply NCEE Voluntary Standards in Economics.

Take a look at our curriculum to determine what is right for you students. We have programs for project-based work, a la carte worksheets, and even customized kits. Take a look and see what is right for your students.  For desktop/smart board and/or the curriculum contact us.  We will get back to you with a few questions about how you want to use it to determine which curriculum and platform is right for your needs. If you don't hear back in 24-48 hours, check your spam folder for an email from 
We sometimes end up there.

Similarly, older students can also become entrepreneurs in a program where they investigate a market opportunity, create prototypes, and make pitches for investment.We will create a program for you that matches the needs of your students!

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“I liked that once you paid the bills, you can buy something, save your money, or give the rest of your money to charity.”

—Victoria, 4th grade

Intro to Philanthropy

Week by week, the same process and choices are offered and very quickly kids get a sense of the risk vs. reward of insurance. Once all bills are paid, kids can spend their virtual dollars in a classroom store with goods and services.

The same system can also be set up to overlay an economic study, where kids set up a business together. They can collaborate, create products to sell to the community, and donate the proceeds to a charity.

Students (3rd grade+) can also experience real world activities like buying insurance and paying bills. This helps kids understand that there are things in the real world that have to be paid for prior to spending on wants.
These are basic needs.

As business decisions are made, students start to see their stocks rise and fall. Quickly they will see how circumstances affect net wealth and the health of a company and personal finances.

Teachers can choose to use classroom jobs like take lunch count, put up chairs at the end of the day, etc. and turn them into a valuable lesson about hard work and working towards goals and rewards.

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“My class buddy told me about it, and I can't wait to do the program when I'm in 3rd grade!”

—Ella, 2nd grade

Intro to Earning


In addition to starting a business in small groups, 6th-12th graders will also gain insights to how and why people invest in companies, how they do so, and will get the chance to make investing decisions on their own.