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Introduction to Earning Activities:

• Select jobs and wages for classroom tasks

• Set up app (free) for class participation

• Teach kids how to check off jobs

• Set up classroom store and rewards

• Establish payday

Intro to Earning Kit Details

Class is introduced to the concept of needs vs. wants and learns to complete extra classroom jobs for wages in order to earn and save money towards classroom rewards in order to set the fundamental concept that work is required to buy things.
Our app or desktop version is used to track tasks and earnings. (Compatible with Mac, PC, iPads, iPhone and tablets - please contact us to receive the desktop version.)

Key Learnings:

• Needs vs. Wants

• Effort = reward

• Responsibility for self and tasks

Introduction to Earning class project kit            $12

Grades 2-3

Duration of Project

Set up: 1-2 hours

In class: 30 minutes

Project: 2-3 weeks (or as desired)

Page samples of curriculum guide

Also includes:

• Needs vs. Wants cut out worksheet

• Job Description worksheet

• Job application worksheet

• 2 Powerpoint presentations for discussion and facilitation