Introduction to Philanthropy class project kit            $25

Grades 4-6

Duration of Project

Project: 6-8 weeks (or as desired)

Class will be introduced to concept of charity and giving back to others in need. Class will work as a team to determine a worthwhile charity using research techniques. Class will learn to conduct market research and create prototypes of products to sell to the community to earn profits in order to donate to charity. Students will apply for specific jobs associated with product based business, earn wages for their roles, and gain an understanding of different types of jobs. Students can use wages to buy classroom store items as rewards.

Introduction to Earning Activities:

• Discuss giving back

• Discuss charities, research types and amounts they give vs. keep

• Conduct product research, evaluate market

• Learn about and create prototypes

• Learn about product assembly roles and responsibilities

• Apply for roles, earn wages

• Create and prepare product supply

• Discuss marketing/advertising

• Plan and prepare stock for sale; sell goods

• Discuss profits and cost of goods sold

• Donate proceeds to charity, discuss giving back and sharing in the community

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Our app or desktop version is used to track tasks and earnings.
(Compatible with Mac, PC, iPads, iPhone and tablets - please contact us to receive the desktop version.)

Intro to Philanthropy Kit Details

Key Learnings:

• Teamwork, common goals

• Personal responsibility

• Community/Philanthropy

• Assembly-line; product creation

• Earning, spending, saving, giving

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Also includes:

• Business Goals worksheet

• Job Application worksheet

• Product Brainstorm worksheet

• Product Criteria worksheet

• Market Research worksheet

• Marketing Planning worksheet

• Lifestyle Choices worksheet

• Insurance Order Form

• Student Investment worksheet

• Profit & Loss worksheet

• 3 Powerpoint presentations for discussion and facilitation