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Q: Why do we have to login every time on our own devices (password)?
A: If your family does not share devices, you can keep the app active if you do not click "logout" after using it each day. The app will stay accessible without having to use your password to get back in for 2 weeks without logging itself out. Also, if you do share devices, but don't want to enter you email and password each time, but want it to only exit to the family home screen so the next user can sign on, you can individually "logout", but do not click "exit app" on the family home screen. This will keep t
he home page "live" for up to
two weeks.

Q: Why can't I approve my child's Quests?
A: You can find the place to approve Quests on the Parent home screen. Click on "Approve Quests" to access the approval screen. If you don't see "Approve Quests" in the main menu, you may be logged in as a child.

Q: How do I add a wish to my child's wish list?
A: Login as the child. Select "Wish List" from the main menu. Click "Scan" to add a wish by scanning a wanted item's UPC code.

Click "Take Photo" to add a wish by taking a picture with your phone. Click "Write In" to manually type the name of the wanted item.

Q: Can I approve tasks and “cash out” more than once a week for chores that are
paid tasks?
A: Absolutely! You can approve Quests as kids complete them, or wait until the end of a week, whatever works for your family. Simply login as the parent, click “Approve Quests” and slide each task to the left to determine if you are going to pay-in-full, partially pay or deny payment for any of the completed Quests.

If your child forgot to do them, the Quest will appear in “missed” and you can select what type of payment they will receive. If they forgot to check them off, they will appear in “pending” and you can mark them “complete” to move them into the payment section.

Note: not all tasks have to be paid!

You can put any number of tasks on the to-do list even if the payment is zero! It is just a great way to remind kids to
do the task, so you don't have to nag!

Q: How much should I pay for Quests for each child?
A: While whether you pay for tasks, or just make some or all of them required without payment, is a personal choice, the "standard" is that if you do pay, $.50-$1.00 for every age of the child as payment per week is what is recommended by experts. IE: if your child is 6,
you might pay anywhere from $3-$6 per week for all of their  paid tasks.

Q: Why aren't folks getting my shared wish lists?
A: The share wish list button is set up to access your phone/device default email account. It does not have the ability to access an email account that was not set up in the phone defaults. To ensure your phone email is set up on an iPhone, check your settings: mail, contacts, calendars; Under accounts, ensure you have a mail account selected and set up to be your default email. If you have more than one email account pushed to your phone, you can select one of them to be your default email. If you use the gmail or other similar email app, the app cannot access that email. It must be set up as a default mail account on your phone in Settings.